This unwoven realm, not far,
not near,nor in between,
not revealed, not hidden,
not solid, not insubstantial,
not words, not silence
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Welcome to the

Christopher Titmuss


This website contains:

  • Audio Library (click) of Dharma talks  
  • Book list 
  • Photographs of Sangha
  • International retreat programme 
  • Christopher's Dharma Blog (click)
  • Numerous short guided audio meditations
  • Poetry
  • Dharma Inquiries
  • Extracts from some of Christopher's books
  • Links to Facebook page and Dharma Channel on Youtube
  • About Christopher
  • About donations

See top corner of this home page for related websites and annual retreats.

May the contents of the website contribute to clarity, insight and wisdom in daily life,

May all beings live with wisdom

May all beings live with compassion

May all beings live an awakened life



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