Sometimes, the hanging clouds wrap themselves like a blanket around the mountains. Then the blanket pulls away to reveal the sharp outline of the formations of these great peaks with the background of the deep blue sky. Down at the bottom of the valley, where we construct our temporary camp, the kitchen crew can see the dark silhouette of the long single file of walkers stretching out across the hills above, up to 2500 metres above sea level. (more…)

We held our 15th annual Dharma Yatra (pilgrimage) in a glorious and rather remote region of the French Alps from late July 2015 to early August for a 10-day period. Here are links to the photos. (more…)

About three  months ago, I started  drinking first thing in the morning  the juice of one or two lemons squeezed into a tall glass of warm water – as a daily ritual.

I recommend.

Here are some of the benefits of lemon juice with warm water. (more…)

We walk in a single file. Silently.

We walk  mindfully with loving kindness and deep friendship for everybody – without exception. (more…)

I  am a paid up member of the Church of the Gym.

When home, I go to church two or three times a week in the Totnes Pavilion (Devon, England).

It is harder lifting the weights up to heaven than lowering down to Earth.

I cycle on my bike with my  MP3 player to church.


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