Despite being wrapped up in the conservative tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis does not mince his words when it comes to issues close to his heart. (more…)

Silent Meditation Retreat in Qu bec,

with Jaya Ashmore (Open Dharma)

August 14th to 21st, 2015

In Sutton, QC, Canada

Meditation, deep rest, yoga, nature and teachings

A week of exploration and inquiry

In English and in French (with translations)

Retreat offered entirely on dana (on donation)

For more information or for registration (limited spaces), please write to:

Facebook event page:

or visit:

Leaflet in English:

Leaflet in French:



Intentions, Ethics, Action and Consequences.

A Dharma Perspective on wars and moral superiority

(6290 words)


Ignorance and Conflict

Ethics, Intentions, Actions and Consequences

Action and Suffering

Buddhists and War

Enquiry into so-called Cause and Effect

Powerfully armed countries, such as USA, UK, France and Israel, and military organisations, such as NATO, propagate our moral superiority over threats, real and imagined, from other nation states or political/pseudo religious organisations, such as found in the Arab/Islamic world. (more…)

A non-residential weekend retreat

In Brighton

 Stress, Mindfulness and Liberation

Christopher Titmuss


Five qualities needed to attend to the sick.

Five qualities of a patient

Numerous people from every background came to the Buddha with questions on every conceivable issue. For example, he said five qualities were needed to attend the sick whether doctors, nurses, attendants, friends or family members. The qualities were the capacity to: (more…)

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