Arab news services report that Syria has become the 14th predominantly Muslim nation that U.S. forces have invaded or occupied or bombed since 1980.  NATO forces have frequently supported these invasions. Far more than a million Muslims have died as well as the deaths of thousands of American soldiers.


As powerful Western leaders continue to talk of exterminating ISIS, there is an utter failure of these same leaders to stop and reflect on their actions and their consequences. (more…)

See previous blog for the first half of the essay (The Buddha on Modern Warfare). Part 1 had the following sub headings : (more…)

As a General in the Buddha’s army of the Sangha, I have taken the opportunity to write an 11,700 word essay titled The Buddha and Modern Warfare. It is the final essay for a slim book entitled The Political Buddha. I have drawn on some of the discourses of the Buddha where he addresses war.  Here is the first half of the essay (6200 words) beginning with the Buddha’s views on suffering through conflict. Second half of the essay is in the next blog.


I wrote a single blog (on August 5, 2014) as a response to the conflict between the Israeli government and Hamas, the Palestinian government in Gaza. I received a number of responses through social media, emails and conversations.

Some of the messages were thoughtful and reflective, and others were less thoughtful (that is a genuine English understatement). (more…)

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