We walk in a single file. Silently.

We walk  mindfully with loving kindness and deep friendship for everybody – without exception. (more…)

I  am a paid up member of the Church of the Gym.

When home, I go to church two or three times a week in the Totnes Pavilion (Devon, England).

It is harder lifting the weights up to heaven than lowering down to Earth.

I cycle on my bike with my  MP3 player to church.


  1. Meditation to deal with stress
  2. Meditation without stress
  3. Meditation for creative expression
  4. Meditation and nature
  5. Meditation and reflection
  6. Meditation and the sacred
  7. The benefits of meditation


I recall more than 30 years ago asking Gaia House, the much loved meditation centre, a few miles north of Totnes, south Devon, England, to display only beautiful plants and flowers in the front of the meditation hall rather than a Buddha image. Trustees and co-Dharma teachers kindly agreed. I also requested that we name the meditation centre as Gaia House. Gaia, a Greek goddess, means ‘Living Earth’ and, coincidentally, has the same pronunciation as (Bodh) Gaya, the place of the Buddha’s awakening. Co-teachers and trustees also kindly agreed to this proposal. (more…)

Dear Readers,

Here are four questions leading into 80 questions to encourage an exploration of our phenomenal existence. We waste our life if we sleep walk through it. Let us exercise the quiet inner power of consciousness to inquire into our relationship to this field of human being and  human activity. If you wish, read through the 80 questions. There is no single answer to any question.  The genuine answer makes a real difference to your life.

Here are four questions.

1. Does a question or two among the 80 questions stand out for you as relevant?

2. Would you be willing to live the question or two until a response comes from the depth of being?

3. Do you get a deep and helpful response from within or without?

4. Would you will be willing to live the response? (more…)

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