May the international community develop full support for reconciliation between the Israeli and Palestinian community.

We know there is far more in common between the two communities than what separates. (more…)

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Dear Friends

You are welcome to come for Saturday or Sunday or both.  Do pass the word on.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Liberation

Saturday April 5 and Sunday April 6, 2014 10 am to 5 pm

The two day workshop will consist of  practical mindfulness training, the disciplines of meditation and enquiry into our human condition with emphasis a liberated way of life. (more…)

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Edited transcription of Talk/Question and Answer/Guided Mindfulness Meditation on March 19, 2014 to some doctors, managers and staff of the Kliniken Essen-Mitte, a hospital in Essen, Germany. The hospital provides a wide range of services to facilitate support for the needs of patients including oncology, palliative care, psychiatry and Naturopathy It is one of the leading hospitals in Germany offering treatment from physicians/oncologists along with Naturopathy to support a healthy diet, mindfulness programmes for stress reduction, inner healing and exploration of lifestyle. The hospital offers expertise to the highest medical level. (more…)

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Who will you listen to when they declare,
they swirl all round you; they always know best,
and then try changing you, so then beware (more…)

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In August, 2000, a meditator at the Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, Marin, California, kindly gave me a copy of The Power of Now (price $21.95) by Eckhart Tolle that had been published the year before. She told me she had bought a dozen copies to give to her friends. She wrote on the inside cover:

“Thank you, Christopher. I am grateful for your guidance and your support in my awakening.  May this book be a blessing to you.  It is changing my life.” (more…)

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